Pepper Stewart’s career in the health and wellness industry has spanned the globe, from Hollywood to New York City, from Amsterdam to Majorca and plenty of locales in between. She is considered a top authority in the areas of nutrition, lifestyle management, nutraceuticals and re-education of the body.

Her philosophy stems from an unwavering belief that lifestyle modification is at the core of building a better body. In Pepper’s words: “There are no quick fixes.”

While operating an Integral Health Clinic in London and a Lifestyle Studio in New York, Pepper is an active public speaker on the subjects of women’s health and the empowerment of women. She also is a founding partner of Amsterdam-based Lifestyle Business Club, an emerging international platform in the areas of public relations, media, health, fashion, lifestyle and nutrition.

Besides training celebrities and high end clientele she has been a professional bodybuilder, Fila spokesmodel, Reebok master trainer, and TV show host. 

Pepper considers herself an avid “workout freak” and often can be found doing every kind of physical activity, including training for marathons, weightlifting and practicing Pilates.